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Books: [-]
  • G Orr, J Tham, B Costar (eds), Electoral Democracy: Australian Prospects (MUP Academic Monographs, Melbourne University Press, Australia 2011)
  • G Orr, The Law of Politics: Elections, Parties and Money in Australia (Federation Press, Annandale, NSW 2010)
  • G Orr, Australian Electoral Systems - How Well Do They Serve Political Equality? (Democratic Audit of Australia, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 2004)
  • G Orr (ed), Realising Democracy: A Century of Australian Electoral Law (Federation Press, Annandale, NSW 2003)
Book Chapters: [-]
  • G Orr, 'Ritual in the Law of Electoral Democracy' in Dr Glenn Patmore and Professor Kim Rubenstein (ed), Law and Democracy: Contemporary Questions (ANU Press, Australia 2014) 115-129
  • G Orr, K Ewing, '¿AV O No AV? Lecciones De Australia ('AV or Not AV' Lessons from Australia)' in Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federacion (Mexican Electoral Court) (ed), Sistemas Electorales y Principios Constitucionales (Electoral Systems and Constitutional Principles) (Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federacion (Mexican Electoral Court), Mexico 2012) 241-266
  • G Orr, J Tham, B Costar, 'Electoral Democracy: Australian Prospects' in Joo-Cheong Tham, Brian Costar and Graeme Orr (eds), Electoral Democracy: Australian Prospects (Melbourne University Press, Australia 2011) xi-xvii
  • G Orr, 'Justifications for Regulating Party Affairs: Competition Not Public Funding' in Keith Ewing, Jacob Rowbottom, Joo-Cheong Tham (eds), The Funding of Political Parties: Where Now? (Routledge, United Kingdom 2011) 249-260
  • G Orr, 'Legal Conceptions of Political Parties Through the Lens of Anti-Discrimination Law' in Joo-Cheong Tham, Brian Costar and Graeme Orr (eds), Electoral Democracy: Australian Prospects (Melbourne University Press, Australia 2011) 120-130
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  • G Orr, 'Citizenship, Interests, Community and Expression: Expatriate Voting Rights in Australian Elections' in Simon Bronitt and Kim Rubenstein (ed), Citizenship in a Post-National World: Australia and Europe Compared (The Federation Press, Annandale, Sydney 2008) 24-37
  • G Orr, 'American Democracy and Anti-Americanism Since 2000' in Dr Brendon O'Connor (ed), Anti-Americanism: History, Causes and Themes. Vol 1. Causes and Sources (Greenwood World Publishing, Oxford 2007) 163-186
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  • G Orr, 'Government Advertising, Parliament and Political Equality' in Kay Walsh / Research Section, Department of the Senate (eds), Papers on Parliament No 46: Images, Colours and Reflections (, Canberra 2006) 1-20
  • G Orr, 'Political Finance Law in Australia' in KD Ewing and Samuel Issacharoff (ed), Party Funding and Campaign Financing in International Perspective (, Oxford 2006) 99-122
  • G Orr, 'Unauthorised Workers: Labouring Beneath the Law?' in Richard Mitchell, Anthony O'Donnell and Richard Johnstone (eds), Re-Thinking Labour Market Regulation (, Annandale 2006) 677-695
  • G Orr, 'Dealing in Votes: Regulating Electoral Bribery' in Orr, Williams, Mercurio (eds), Realising Democracy: A Century of Australian Electoral Law (Federation Press, Annandale 2003) 130-142
  • G Orr, B Mercurio, G Williams, 'The Australian Electoral Tradition' in Orr, Williams, Mercurio (eds), Realising Democracy: A Century of Australian Electoral Law (Federation Press, Annandale 2003) 1-6
  • G Orr, 'Local Government: Council Elections and Polls' in (ed), Halsbury's Laws of Australia (vol17) (Butterworths, 1999) 488, 531-488, 600
Journal Articles: [-]
  • G Orr, 'Betting on Elections: History, Policy and Law' (2014) 42 (2) Federal Law Review 309-331
  • G Orr, 'Convenience Voting: The End of Election Day' (2014) 39 (2) Alternative Law Journal 151-155
  • G Orr, W Isdale, 'Pathologies in Queensland Law-Making: Repairing Political Constitutionalism' (2014) 2 (1) Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity 126-144
  • G Orr, 'Private Association and Public Brand: the Dualistic Conception of Political Parties in the Common Law World' (2014) 17 (2) Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 332-349
  • G Orr, A Gauja, 'Third-Party Campaigning and Issue Advertising in Australia' (2014) 60 (1) Australian Journal of Politics and History 73-92
  • G Orr, 'Deliberation and Electoral Law' (2013) 12 (4) Election Law Journal 421-434
  • G Orr, W Isdale, 'Responsible Government, Federalism and the School Chaplaincy Case' (2013) 38 (1) Alternative Law Journal  3-7
  • G Orr, 'Judicial Review of the Administration of Parliamentary Elections' (2012) 23 Public Law Review 110-124
  • G Orr, 'Ministerial Dictate in Labour Law' (2012) 20 (1 (Nov)) Australian Journal of Administrative Law 6-10
  • G Orr, 'Compulsory Voting: Elections, Not Referendums' (2011) 18 Pandora's Box 19-30
  • G Orr, A Johnston, 'Does the Corporations Power Extend to Re-Constituting the Corporation?' (2011) 39 (1) Federal Law Review 71-101
  • G Orr, 'Paid Parental Leave: Welfare or Workplace Right?' (2011) 18 (4) Australian Journal of Administrative Law 193-197
  • G Orr, 'Party Primaries for Candidate Selection? Right Question, Wrong Answer' (2011) 34 (3) University of New South Wales Law Journal 964-983
  • G Orr, 'A Fetishised Gift? The Legal Status of Flags' (2011) 19 (3) Griffith Law Review 504-526
  • G Orr, 'Academics and the Media' (2010) 52 (1) Australian Universities' Review 23-31
  • G Orr, 'Natural Justice in Dismissals?' (2010) 18 Australian Journal of Administrative Law 14-19
  • G Orr, 'Public Money and Electioneering: A View from Across the Tasman' (2010) 6 (3) Policy Quarterly 21-25
  • G Orr, 'The Australian Experience of Electoral Bribery: Dealing in Electoral Support' (2010) 56 (2) Australian Journal of Politics and History 225-241
  • G Orr, R Levy, 'Electoral Malapportionment: Partisanship, Rhetoric and Reform in the Shadow of the Agrarian Strongman' (2010) 18 (3) Griffith Law Review 638-665
  • G Orr, G Williams, 'The People's Choice: The Prisoner Franchise and the Constitutional Protection of Voting Rights in Australia' (2009) 8 (2) Election Law Journal 123-139
  • G Orr, 'Constitutionalising the Franchise and the Status Quo: The High Court on Prisoner Voting Rights' (2007) (refereed e-publication) Democratic Audit of Australia Discussion Paper 19/07
  • G Orr, S Murugesan, 'Mandatory Secret Ballots Before Employee Industrial Action' (2007) 20 (3) Australian Journal of Labour Law 272-294
  • G Orr, 'Political Disclosure Regulation in Australia: Lackadaisical Law' (2007) 6 (1) Election Law Journal 72-88
  • G Orr, 'Suppressing Vote-Buying: the "War" on Electoral Bribery from 1868' (2006) 27 (3) Journal of Legal History 289-314
  • G Orr, 'Test and One-Day Cricket: Regulations and Rhythms' (2006) 31 (1) Alternative Law Journal 45, 56
  • G Orr, 'Electoral Reform As a Tonic for Referenda and Federalism: a Response to Professor Craven' (2005) 21 (2) Australasian Parliamentary Review 83-94
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  • G Orr, 'A Politician's Word: the Legal (Un)enforceability of Political Deals' (2002) 5 (n/a) Constitutional Law and Policy Review 1-11
  • G Orr, 'Ballot Order: Donkey Voting in Australia' (2002) 1 (4) Election Law Journal 575-579
  • G Orr, 'Cricket and the Common Law of Tort' (2002) 4 (2) Baggy Green: Journal of Australian Cricket 37-43
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  • G Orr, 'Name Without Frontiers: Legislative Titles and Sloganeering' (2000) 21 Statute Law Review 188-212
  • G Orr, 'The Conduct of Referenda and Plebiscites in Australia: a Legal Perspective' (2000) 11 Public Law Review 117-132
  • G Orr, 'The Law Comes to the Party: the Continuing Juridification of Australian Political Parties' (2000) 3 Constitutional Law and Policy Review 41-49
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  • G Orr, 'Tinkering with Convention: Voluntary Voting at Australia's 1997 Constitutional Convention Election' (1998) 17 Electoral Studies 575-581
  • G Orr, 'Verbosity and Richness: Current Trends in the Craft of the High Court' (1998) 6 Torts Law Journal 291-302
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Case notes, minor articles, comments: [-]
  • G Orr, 'The Voting Rights Ratchet: Rowe v Electoral Commissioner' (2011) 22 (June) Public Law Review 83-89
  • G Orr, 'Reviewability of Employment Decisions Under Australia's Hybrid Workplace Law' (2009) 16 (4) Australian Journal of Administrative Law 196-199
  • G Orr, 'The Fair Work Act and Other Names of Shame' (2009) 16 (2) Australian Journal of Administrative Law 1-3
  • G Orr, ''Williams, C'est Pour Toi': Football and Contracts 101' (2008) 33 (4) Alternative Law Journal 244-245
Published Conference Papers: [-]
  • G Orr, K Ewing, 'Voting Preferences: the Legal Consequences of the Alternative Vote (AV or IRV)', VIIIth World Congress of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL), Mexico City 6-10 December 2010 (IACL+ Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas, Online Conference Proceedings 2010)
  • G Orr, 'Government Advertising, Parliament and Political Equality', Senate Occasional Lecture Series, Parliament House, Canberra November 2005
Keynotes, Unpublished Conference Papers and Seminar Presentations: [-]
  • Keynotes
  • Unpublished conference papers
    • G Orr, 'Political Finance Law in Australia: Innovation and Enervation', Australian Political Studies Association 2014 Conference, Sydney University (http://www.apsa2014.com) (2014)
    • G Orr, 'Putting the Cartel Before the House? Public Funding of Political Parties in Queensland', Academy of Social Sciences Workshop on the Legal Regulation of Political Parties, Sydney University (2014)
    • G Orr, A Gauja, 'Regulating 'Third Parties' As Political and Electoral Actors: Comparative Insights and Questions for Democracy', Politics After the Digital Revolution, Washington, DC (2014)
    • G Orr, 'The Common Law Conception of Parties', The Regulation of Electoral Politics and the Politics of Electoral Regulation (Australasian Electoral Regulation Network Conference), University of Queensland (2014)
    • G Orr, R Levy, 'The Law of Deliberative Democracy', Australian Political Studies Association 2014 Conference, Sydney University (2014)
    • G Orr, 'The Law on Funding Party Campaigns: Contributions and Constraints', 2nd Australian and New Zealand Workshop on Campaign Management and Political Marketing, Sydney University (2014)
    • G Orr, 'Aesthetics and Political Finance Regulation', 12th French Political Science Association Congress (IPSA RC 20 Workshop), Paris (2013)
    • G Orr, 'Deliberation in Electoral Law', Law of Deliberative Democracy Symposium, NYU Law School / Strauss Institute for Advanced Study of Law and Justice (2013)
    • G Orr, 'Electoral Brand or Political Soul? Parties and Their Legal Conception', USQ Law School Seminar, Springfield & Toowoomba (2013)
    • G Orr, 'Electoral Systems and Integrity', Mongolian Leadership Fellows Workshop, Griffith University (2013)
    • G Orr, 'After the Party: Government Advertising Versus Third Party Campaigns in Australia', 'Reshaping Power: Shifting Boundaries', World Congress of the International Political Science Association, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid (2012)
    • G Orr, 'Ministerial Intervention in Labour Law', Australian Labour Law Association, Queensland Chapter (2012)
    • G Orr, 'Political Parties and the Law in Australia (Or 'Regulating the Golems')', Reflections on Contemporary Party Organisations in Australia, Monash University (2012)
    • G Orr, 'Prosecution v Education', FAD: Travelling the Open Path (2012 National Electoral Funding and Disclosure Workshop), ECQ, Brisbane (2012)
    • G Orr, 'Spin Doctoring in Legislative Titles', Faculty Seminar, UCLA Law School (2009)
    • G Orr, 'Federal Public Funding', Political Finance Roundtable, NSW Parliament House (2008)
    • G Orr, 'Legal Regulation of Governmental Advertising', 18th Annual Public Affairs in the Public Sector Conference, Darling Harbour, Sydney (2008)
    • G Orr, 'The Right to Vote in Australia: Roach v Electoral Commissioner', 2008 Constitutional Law Conference, Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW (2008)
    • G Orr, 'Brand G: Regulating Government Advertising in New Zealand and Australia', Centre for Public Law, Victoria University Wellington (2007)
    • G Orr, 'Mandatory Secret Ballots Before Strike Action: Practical Hurdle or Symbol of Strike Action As a Last Resort', Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, Labour Law Seminar Series (2007)
    • G Orr, 'The Constitutionality of "Workchoices"', Industrial Relations Society of Queensland/Griffith University School of Industrial Relations, Brisbane (2006)
    • G Orr, '"No Worries Mate": Disclosure Law in Australia's Laissez-Fair Campaign Finance Law', Mid-West Political Science Association, Chicago (2005)
    • G Orr, 'Governmentn Advertising and the Law', Political Finance and Government Advertising workshop, Canberra (2005)
    • G Orr, 'Industrial Action Ballots and the "Workchoices" Regime', Forum for Queensland Unions, Brisbane (2005)
    • G Orr, 'Seminar on Courts of Disputed Returns', Queensland Supreme Court Judges' Conference, Brisbane (2005)
    • G Orr, 'Unauthorised Workers and the Law', Labour Law, Equity and Efficiency (Rethinking Labour Law) Conference, Melbourne University (2005)
  • Seminars presentations
    • G Orr, 'The Implications of the Qld Government's Electoral Reforms', The Implications of the Queensland Government's Proposed Amendments to the Electoral Act, Griffith University (Public Seminar for the Electoral Regulation Research Network of Australia) (2014)
Research Reports: [-]
  • G Orr, NSW Political Finance Law: Implications and Legalities, Australian Labor Party (National Division), 2012., (2012)
  • G Orr, Modernising the Electoral Act: Legislative Form and Judicial Role Commissioned by the NSW Electoral Commission, 2011, (NSW Parliament, NSW Parliament 2011)
Reference Entries: [-]
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Book Reviews: [-]
  • G Orr, 'Parliamentary Elections, Representation and the Law' (2013) 24 Public Law Review 67-70
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Loose Leaf Services: [-]
  • G Orr, in Loose Leaf (LexisNexis, Australia 2005), Update
  • G Orr, in Loose Leaf (Butterworths, 1999), Update
Parliamentary Reports: [-]
  • G Orr, Commonwealth Parliament, Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2013 Election (Invited Evidence)
  • , (2014)
  • G Orr, New South Wales Parliament, Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, Review of the Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912 and the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981 (Report and Witness), NSW Parliament, (2012)
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Media Appearances: [-]
Grants: [-]
  • J Tham, B Costar, G Orr, 2011. Electoral Regulation Workshop, Ad Hoc Funding, $20,000
  • G Orr, DJ Tham, PB Costar, 2010. Dollars and Democracy: The Dynamics of Australian Political Finance and Its Regulation, ARC Discovery Project, $129 000 (2010-2012)
  • G Orr, 2008. Funding for Monograph of the Law Governing Parliamentary Elections and Political Parties in Australia, Law Foundation of South Australia Grants, $10 000
  • G Orr, 2003. Australian Electrol Law: Building a System for the 21st Century, ARC Linkage Grant, $166 000 (cash) + $55 000 (in kind)
Other: [-]

 RHD Supervision

  • Hope Henderson - An analysis of the development of and threats to the right to freedom of association in Britain, the USA and Australia
  • Hue Mai - Securing the Right to Information in Vietnamese Law and Government
  • Benjamin Saunders - The views of the framers of the Australian constitution regarding representation and the role of parliament