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Welcome to the TC Beirne School of Law at UQ

The idea of a named Chair in the TC Beirne School of Law was raised in early 1997 and agreed to in principle between the University and Sir Gerard Brennan. A public fundraising campaign was initiated and driven by a number of enthusiastic supporters including Justice Glen Williams, Mr Peter Short and Dr Jeff Mann.

Fundraising commenced in 1998 and by August that year donations, principally from within the legal community, totalled $74,025. $209,725.00 was reached in total. The Sir Gerard Brennan Chair was created on 10 May 1999 with the approval of the University’s Academic Board.

The first incumbent was Professor Tony Tarr whose appointment was confirmed by the University’s Senate on 3 June 1999.

Sir Francis Gerard Brennan is a graduate of the Law School. He has served as a Judge of the Australian Industrial Court and the Federal Court of Australia, and an additional Judge of the Supreme Courts of the Australian Capital Territory and of the Northern Territory. Sir Gerard was appointed to the High Court of Australia in 1981 and became Chief Justice in 1995, retiring in 1998.

Justice Brennan was made a Knight of the British Empire in 1981 and was appointed as a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia in 1988.

The list of corporate and individual contributors excluding anonymous donors appears below. It is in alphabetical order.

  • Allens Arthur Robinson
  • Bill Cooper & Associates
  • Clarke and Kann
  • Ebsworth & Ebsworth
  • Gilshenan & Luton
  • McInnes Wilson
  • Mallesons Stephen Jaques
  • Minter Ellison
  • MurphySchmidt Solicitors
  • Queensland Law Society Inc
  • Quinlan Miller & Treston
  • Thynne & Macartney
  • Ambrose, Brian William
  • Bell, James Cochrane
  • Brennan, Francis Gerard
  • Cullinane, Keiran Anthony
  • de Jersey, Paul
  • Demack, Alan George
  • Derrington, Desmond Keith
  • Douglas, James Sholto
  • Doyle, Shane Lawrence
  • Fryberg, Henry George
  • Gibbs, Harry Talbot
  • Griffin, John Anthony
  • Halligan, Brian Thomas
  • Helman, John Westlake Barrett
  • Hiley, Graham
  • Howatson, Graeme John
  • Hulscher, Rolf
  • Keane, Patrick Anthony
  • Lennon, Edward John Peter
  • Logan, John Alexander
  • Mann, Jeffrey Gordon
  • McLoughlin, Bernard Michael
  • Morrison, Philip Hugh
  • Mulholland, Robert Alan
  • Mullins, Debra Ann
  • Peterson, Howarth Edkins
  • Pincus, Cecil William
  • Quinlan, Stephen Geoffrey
  • Ratnapala, Anura Surindra
  • Robertson, James William George
  • Rose, Alan Douglas
  • Ryan, Kevin William
  • Sheahan, John Charles
  • Shepherdson, Tom Farquhar
  • Slater, David Glen
  • Thomas, James Burrows
  • Vandeleur, Vincent John
  • Vickery, Gregory John
  • Wensley, Robert Neilson
  • White, Margaret Jean
  • Williams, Glen Norman
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