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Re-imagining and re-inventing Australian court decisions

The Australian Feminist Judgments Project is an inspired and innovative research project which investigates the possibilities, limits and implications of a feminist approach to legal decision-making. The project involves a group of feminist academics, lawyers and activists who have agreed to write alternative judgments in a series of Australian legal cases.

By re-writing and re-imagining original legal decisions through a feminist lens, the project employs praxis—the application of theoretical insights to real world situations—to investigate the influence of feminist theory on judicial decision-making.

The project is led by Professor Heather Douglas and Dr Francesca Bartlett, T.C. Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland; Dr Trish Luker, Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney; and Professor Rosemary Hunter, Queen Mary, University of London.

Australian Feminist Judgments: Righting and Re-writing Law edited by Heather Douglas, Francesca Bartlett, Trish Luker and Rosemary Hunter, published by Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2014. Order your copy now:

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The project aims to test both enduring and new questions about the relationship between law and feminist objectives: What kinds of judicial practices and judgments might be identified as feminist? Is it possible to formulate a feminist judicial practice, and if so, what are the boundaries of this enterprise?



31 feminist legal academics from across Australia have rewritten legal decisions from a feminist perspective; a further 24 academics have written commentaries on the decisions, placing them in legal and historical context.

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